Since 1989, ETEX Corporation has developed, manufactured and marketed proprietary, nanocrystalline calcium-phosphate-based biomaterials that promote the repair and regeneration of bone damaged by trauma or disease. Our experience and expertise in bone biology and biomaterials is the foundation for a robust, innovative, market-driven product pipeline.

The current product portfolio of synthetic calcium phosphate based bone substitute materials is rapidly expanding via the accelerated development of versatile carrier technologies and osteoinductive combination products .

The following themes are central to the ETEX mission:

  • Repairing skeletal defects
  • Regenerating bone and soft tissue
  • Enabling controlled delivery of cells, biologics & therapeutic agents
  • Facilitating minimally invasive procedures
  • Developing user and patient friendly systems 
"Endothermic Calcium Phosphate Cement for Tibial Defect Augmentation"
with Thomas A. Russell, MD View full-length video

beta and Gamma are the only biomaterials indicated for use with the N-Force Fixation System


1/07/14 ETEX Corporation announces appointment of Stephen R. La Neve as President and Chief Executive Officer

5/02/13 ETEX Corporation announces extended Supply Agreement with Knee Creations, LLC

5/22/12 ETEX Corporation to present at 9th World Biomaterial Congress

4/17/12 ETEX Corporation to present at GTC Stem Cell Summit

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